Club Bena Vista
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Ref.HotelProperty typeWeekPrice £Comments
8045006Club Bena Vista2 bed apt45,46, 4703 Weeks in NovemberEnquire
8044035Club Bena Vista1 bed apt440Week in NovemberEnquire
8032019Club Bena Vista2 bed penthouse320Week in AugustEnquire
8042030Club Bena Vista2 bed penthouse420Week in OctoberEnquire
8043037Club Bena Vista1 bed apt430Week in OctoberEnquire
8032034Club Bena Vista1 bed garden apt320Week in AugustEnquire
8030030Club Bena Vista2 bed apt30, 310Fortnight in July/AugustEnquire
8026055Club Bena Vista2 bed penthouse260Week in JulyEnquire
8025013Club Bena Vista1 bed garden apt250Week in JuneEnquire
8022003Club Bena Vista2 bed penthouse22, 230Fortnight in May/JuneEnquire
8021037Club Bena Vista1 bed apt210Week in MayEnquire
8020018Club Bena Vista2 bed apt20, 210Fortnight in MayEnquire
8014013Club Bena Vista1 bed garden apt140Week in AprilEnquire

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